Camera Speed Dating – Kodak Cameo

If you’ve been following our camera adventures over the years, you know of our Camera Speed Dating blog. We occasionally still find a different camera in our possession or friends to try out, though we have slowed down a bit. We love sharing our results with these different, sometimes curious or tricky cameras though, so stay tuned for more adventures in Camera Speed Dating!


Recently a few of the Kodak Cameo point and shoot cameras appeared in the store and I was attracted to them because of the ’80’s style gull-wing door (reminding me of all the birds of the like that I want but can’t afford), which acts as a lens protector and on/off button.  When closed up the camera has an oblong shape with no corners, making it perfect for pocketing! All that being said I had little faith the camera would actually take good photos. It is cheaply made, which is a shame considering its great design. The plasticy components make it extremely creaky and noisy when one does anything from turning the camera on to taking a photograph.

I believe it has a fixed shutter speed of 1/125 which makes it sorta ‘Lomo-esque’, and it has an Ektanar lens – the aperture remains a mystery! I’m not sure I’d recommend the camera – I don’t regret the using it once! However, I do regret using it a second time. I suspect it’s the blank roll that I got back in my batch I just had developed, which were meant to be pictures of my cousins first visit since 2019. Instead the advance broke in the camera and all frames were stacked on the first few frames. Quite disappointing, as the first roll turned out surprisingly well! Here are a few shots from that roll, which was an expired roll of Fuji Sensia 100.


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