Argus Day 2017

Here are my results from Argus Day 2017. As you can see, I shockingly did not have the terrible exposure problems I expected (I had chosen the usually temperamental positive film and chose sunset to shoot it…) however, turns out it was my focus that went all wrong. I thought I was focusing that beast of a camera the Argus C33 and apparently I was not. Or perhaps it was a fault in the camera. I’ll include the photos anyway so you can share in my annoyance!

Scroll down for Meghan’s Argus Day results, along with a few of our Argus loving customers shots!



Meghan suffered a similar Argus day fail…except the opposite problem of poor exposure! She tested out her new Argus 75 with a (very) old roll of Kodak 620 film and the results were very under exposed. It may be a combination of both camera malfunction and older film, but sadly the results were less than stellar, but do have a fun rainbowy effect. Here are few just to share.


Here are a few of Chris’ great images! Shot with his Argus Seventy-Five.


And Bruce’s…

“The first picture was taken at Burnaby Lake Park. It was taken on an Argus C4M Electro. The second was taken not far away in front of CG Brown Pool and Sports Centre. It is of a topiary frog holding a Canada flag (it is Canada’s 150th birthday). It was taken with an Argus E TLR with 120 Ilford Delta Pro 100 developed in Blazinol (Rodinal).”


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