Translum – The Versatile Backdrop

Translum is a seamless, sturdy, wrinkle-free plastic (similar to vellum) that is extremely versatile, offering up many uses to photographers.

For starters, its most common use is as a resuable white (high key) backdrop for your studio, perfect for photographing product. It is more durable than seamless paper and can be cleaned with a mild soap when needed.

You can also place your subject and lights behind the translum, giving you a vague silhouette image.

Translum can also be used as a highly efficient diffuser when placed over a light source, softening the light and cutting down on reflections. You can keep stacking pieces until you are satisfied with the light.

Let us know what creative uses you find for your translum!

Translum rolls are available in 3 grades.
(We also carry the 12″ x 12″ sheet variety pack which has 2 of each grade.)

Lightweight 60″x 18″
Creates medium diffusion for a soft light effect.

Medium  60″ x 18″
Creates a dramatic soft light effect, eliminating most shadows.

Heavy  54″ x 18″
Diffuses light over a large area, perfect for shooting tables and tabletops.

For more info and pricing please see our webpage under backdrops.

Photo: Robert Lopshire

Translum with coloured gels.
Photo: James Lout

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