The New Profoto Connect Pro

Profoto has introduced their newest version of their radio transmitters, the Profoto Connect Pro. Enter in to the world of ultimate connectivity! When you’re shooting off-camera with multiple lights, you need more than just a reliable trigger, you need complete control. Profoto created the Profoto Connect Pro to be more than a remote, it’s the central nervous system of the shoot because everything flows through it.

The Profoto Connect Pro is remarkably easy to use, just slide it on your hot shoe and you are set to go. The large display is intuitive and straightforward with improved TTL group control. It allows instant and complete control of each individual flash setting, viewed on the Connect Pro screen in clean, clear numbers, from your shooting position, allowing you to fine-tune at will to get the exact effect you’re
going for. This “ultimate” control is thanks to Profoto’s AirX connectivity which lets you tailor your workflow to whatever shooting situation you find yourself in.

You can also choose where you receive the information because the group controls on the Connect Pro are mirrored in the Profoto Control app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone. And with up to 100 available channels, there will always be a free channel for your lighting setup, even in the largest commercial studios.

I certainly know the improved battery life, and the possibility to use rechargeable batteries will be appreciated by many photographers, as will the on-screen battery life indicator. The seamless firmware updates via Profoto AirX, will make it much easier to keep your remote up to date as more amazing features are added, or as new cameras are introduced to the market. It also comes with a cute, rigid case much like a mini B10X case, with a little extra room for a back up set of 3-AAA batteries.

Here are some key features:
• Control each individual light in absolute numbers straight from the remote.
• Sync and manually control any Profoto light that is compatible with Air or AirX.
• Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
• Sync and remote control 0.5-300 m (1.5-1000ft) TTL: 0.5-100 m (1.5-330 ft)
• Up to 100 channels.
• TTL group control.
• Switch from TTL Mode to Manual Mode with the automated TTL settings intact
• Wireless updates through the Profoto Control app
The Profoto Connect Pro comes in a TTL version for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony and Leica (Yes Leica) and a Non-TTL version as well. The Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm, and non-TTL version are available now at Beau Photo. The Sony and Leica versions will come out sometime in the near future. For more technical information go to:

The Profoto Connect Pro – $499.00

The Profoto Air TTL remotes now sell for only $319.00 and the Air Connect is now
only $249.00

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