Summer 2024 Analogue Workshops

Analogue workshops at Beau Photo

The analogue workshops at Beau return for another summer! We will be doing cyanotype printing, cyanotype toning and pinhole workshops this summer, and there is a possibility that a few others will be added. See the descriptions for each process below, and sign up to secure a spot!

Analogue processes are perfect for those who want to work more slowly and create unique images rather than hurry through image making with digital. We still love digital, but there is something special about making things by hand that analogue processes really embrace. Making an image that you can hold in your hand, hang on a wall or give as a gift is fun and satisfying. The processes we do in the workshops are also rooted in photographic history so we are going really retro with them here! In the workshops, you will learn about the historical uses and see how easy it is to do them on your own. Join us and make images, ask questions, and meet fun people!

Registration for these workshops will open a few weeks before the workshop dates. Plan your summer now and put them in your calendar.  Keep an eye on our social media as we will be posting reminders when registration opens.

Cyanotype Workshop
July 6, 2024
2:15 – 4:15 at Beau Photo

The cyanotype process was invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel. As their name suggests, cyanotypes are a beautiful blue colour, and are most often printed on watercolour paper. Learn how to make these beautiful images yourself. Printing cyanotypes is very easy to do at home and is a good starting point for trying other alternative processes. In this workshop you will learn about the different papers and other surfaces that are suitable for cyanotype printing, using negatives and objects to create images, how to coat and expose paper, different processing techniques, and a little about the history of cyanotype printing. You will leave with a print you’ve made yourself and the knowledge to be able to continue the process on your own.

Tickets for this workshop will be available for purchase on June 22nd.  There is a $20 fee to cover costs for this workshop. Space is limited to 8 participants and registration is required.

cyanotype image

Cyanotype Toning Workshop
July 20, 2024
2:15 – 4:15 at Beau Photo

Cyanotypes are a beautiful blue colour, but blue isn’t the only colour you can get from them. In this workshop you will learn about toning cyanotypes to get other tones like brown and turquoise. Using various plant material, we will tone cyanotypes and talk about the many ways we can experiment with the process and affect the final colours.

You will need to bring a few of your cyanotype prints that you are willing to experiment with. Up to 8×10 only please! Slightly overexposed prints tend to work best.

Tickets for this workshop will be available for purchase on June 22nd. Space is limited to 8 participants. There is a $20 fee to cover costs for this workshop. Register here –

toned cyanotype

Pinhole Camera Workshop
August 17, 2024
2:15 – 4:30 at Beau Photo

Pinhole photography is writing with light at its most basic. All that is required to make an image is a light tight container or space (a camera obscura) and a small hole that lets light in. To record that image, some sort of light sensitive material is put into the camera, and the light coming through the pinhole creates an impression of the subject the camera is looking at. The properties of light passing through a pinhole have been known for centuries, and have been documented as early as 500BC. Pinholes have been used to observe solar eclipses, as drawing aids, and as entertainment when the image is projected onto a large screen. Lenses were also used in camera obscuras as they let in more light. Since a way to fix the projected image was discovered in the 1820s and photography was born, people have experimented with pinhole cameras. Today we make pinhole cameras with everything from a cardboard box to washing machines, beer cans,  and even our own bodies. Using containers and objects that have had a previous use simplifies the process even further, adds another creative dimension, and is also a more sustainable alternative to using a conventional camera.

The workshop will cover the basic principles of pinhole cameras, and how to develop photographic paper. You will build your own pinhole camera and then we’ll go out and make some exposures and develop the paper negatives. Each participant should be able to create 2 or 3 images during the workshop, and will go home with the skills to continue taking pinhole photos.

Tickets for this workshop will be available for purchase on August 26. There is a fee of $20 for this workshop to cover the materials. Space is limited to 8 participants. Register on our website –

pinhole camera image
pinhole camera

Watch for other workshops that will be posted as we plan them!

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