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We wanted to remind you that full-time registered students are eligible for savings on a variety of equipment, from cameras and lenses, to lighting and studio equipment, as well as film and paper too. Not only do we have start of semester savings on lots of equipment, but there are also year-round discounts available from certain manufacturers.

Here are some examples of the year-round student savings that can be had on certain types of gear…


Firstly, any new digital camera body or lens sold, regardless of manufacturer, will qualify for a rental coupon from Beau Photo. Depending on the purchase price, a camera body will include a rental coupon worth between $80 and $200 and any lens will include a coupon from $25 to $150. These coupons can be redeemed at Beau Photo for up to six months from date of issue and can be used to rent anything from our extensive selection of gear. This is perfect for trying out new lenses, lighting or other equipment.

Also note that students do get a 20% discount on any regular rentals, provided they show us their valid student card at the time of rental. Note that students will need to provide valid government issued photo ID (not just their student card) and have a credit card that can be pre-authorized for the replacement value of the items rented. Advance arrangements should be made if a student wants a friend, parent or other family member to provide the credit card. Here is a link to the rental dept. information on our site, so you can browse the wide variety of gear we have available: Beau Photo Rental Dept.


As far as purchase savings, we work together with many manufacturers to provide discounts to students buying gear from us. Many manufacturers also provide separate discounts for purchases by educational institutions, which we pass along as savings. So whether you are a student, an educator, or are purchasing for an institution, please contact us for full details! Here are some of the various student programs which we support…


Fujifilm Canada offers student savings on any digital X-Series camera body or lens purchased. Also, over and above any of the regular rebates or discounts that may already be in effect, a student can get an additional $100 off any camera body and an additional $75 discount off any lens. These savings are available for full-time students and faculty at colleges and universities, and will require free registration with Fujifilm Canada at the following link…


Canon believes in fostering creativity and giving students the tools to grow by providing discounts on gear and service.

• Discounts on select cameras, lenses and printers
• 20% discount on service and repairs
• Expedited service and repair
• Subsidized shipping for out-of-warranty repairs
• Free membership

You are eligible to join the Canon Student Advantage program if you’re enrolled at an accredited Canadian secondary or post-secondary institution and have a valid student photo ID card. Further details are at this link here…


Nikon Canada offers savings to those enrolled in the NPS (Nikon Professional Services) Campus program. The Nikon Student Savings Program is available to those students who are members of the NPS Campus Program and are enrolled in a media, visual arts, or fine arts program. Savings of up to $425 on camera kits, $275 on lenses and $60 on flashes are available. With Nikon, you buy the items at regular pricing, then you claim back the rebate from Nikon Canada and they cut you a cheque. Of course, you do need to make sure you buy a body and lens that is on the student savings list! Information on the NPS Campus and Student Savings programs is here.…


As far as studio and lighting gear, there are student discounts available from Profoto, Broncolor and Hensel, top names in professional studio lighting. While the discount varies from these companies, the requirements are very similar. First, you need to be a full time student currently registered in a professional photography program at an accredited university or college. Online or small private schools do not qualify. Secondly, you have to supply your student card and proof of your current enrollment, since we generally need to get final approval for student pricing directly from the manufacturer. We would be happy to help you figure out whether or not you qualify, so if you have any doubts, feel free to ask.

As a student, if you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career in photography, it would make sense to capitalize on these savings before you graduate. Purchasing well built, quality products is a good long-term investment since they will last well into your career. While you may end up changing cameras numerous times, good lighting equipment can be a lifetime investment.

Also make sure that whatever you purchase is CSA tested and approved for Canada. Many foreign products which are sold online, or even at some retail stores in Canada, are actually not CSA approved. If something happens while you are using non CSA approved products on set, in someone’s home or even in your own home or studio, for example if a gear malfunction causes a fire, an investigation may deem your insurance void, and paying for damages out of pocket or those resulting from potential lawsuits, could mean an early end to your photography career.


Our Film Department also offers student and educational discounts on a wide range of items including darkroom and inkjet papers, select film and chemicals, and on brands such as Ilford, Kodak, Fuji and more. As an example, at the time of this posting, Ilford HP5 135-36 rolls are regularly $12.51, however with the student discount they are $11.26 each which is, in this case, a 10% discount. For volume purchases direct by educational institutions, additional discounts may apply. Please contact our film department ( for a quote.

For Album Sales, we also offer substantial student discounts on a variety of products, including Renaissance Albums. Students will get those products at wholesale/pro pricing.

For Camera Bags, we offer 10% off on most brands that we sell, including LowePro, ThinkTank, Roots, Wolf and more.

For any hardware that is purchased from us, we strive to provide the very best after-sales support and to that end, have numerous staff members with a great deal of technical knowledge and shooting experience. They will be more than happy to answer any question you have about your newly purchased gear, and of course they can also help you choose the right gear for your needs in the first place. If you have gear that was purchased from us go down and need repair, we will help you send it in for servicing. In addition, if you have something in need of repair that is critical for an upcoming shoot, we provide discounted rental rates to get you equipped with replacement gear, to ensure you have a successful shoot.

Lastly, if the school itself is purchasing for internal use, there are savings available on a huge variety of products, but those are generally handled case by case and often involve contacting the manufacturer for a discounted quote on the specific items being requested. Note that we do ship anywhere in B.C., and all across Canada as well.

Beau Photo Supplies strongly endorses and supports all forms of education. Our students are our future, and we strive to help them out during their studies as much as possible!

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