pinhole photo

Sneaky Light

An exhibition of pinhole photographs taken with household objects and containers.

March 21 - May 5
Beau Photo Gallery Space

Opening Reception
March 23rd 4:30 - 6:30pm

Pinhole photography is writing with light at its most basic. All that is required to make an image is a light tight container or space (a camera obscura) and a small hole that lets light in. To record that image, some sort of light sensitive material is put into the camera, and the light coming through the pinhole creates an impression of the subject the camera is looking at. The properties of light passing through a pinhole have been known for centuries, and have been documented as early as 500BC. Pinholes have been used to observe solar eclipses, as drawing aids, and as entertainment when the image is projected onto a large screen. Lenses were also used in camera obscuras as they let in more light. Since a way to fix the projected image was discovered in the 1820s and photography was born, people have experimented with pinhole cameras. Today we make pinhole cameras with everything from a cardboard box to washing machines, beer cans,  and even our own bodies.

Pinhole Camera Making Workshop  —  Sorry, this is sold out! Watch for more workshops coming this summer.
February 11th at 2pm
We are giving a workshop in pinhole camera making on February 11th! The workshop will cover the basic principles of pinhole cameras, and how to develop photographic paper. You will build your own pinhole camera and then we’ll go out and make some exposures and develop the paper negatives. Each participant should be able to create 2 or 3 images during the workshop, and will go home with the skills to continue taking pinhole photos, as well as a paper developing kit that will process several more photos. This workshop will hopefully inspire you to submit an image to our exhibition (details coming soon), but also to start a collection of pinhole cameras and get out to make images with them.

There will be a fee of $10 for this workshop to cover the materials. There is a limit of 10 participants so register early! You can reserve your spot by purchasing the ‘Pinhole Camera Making Workshop’ on our website here –

The Exhibition – Call for Submissions – Due March 10th!
Send us your best pinhole photograph that was taken with a box or container that previously had another purpose. We are looking for creative images that have that pinhole quality about them. They can be large or small, colour or black and white. You can scan the negative and digitally output a positive if you like, as long as the original was taken with your pinhole camera. Since we have limited wall space, this show will be curated, but we hope to be able to include all submissions. You will also need to submit a lens photo of your pinhole camera that will be included in the show. Submissions are due by March 10th and selected prints need to be at Beau Photo by March 15th.
If you are interested in submitting, please send an image to with a sentence or two about your camera and image.

FlicFilm logo

Flic Film has generously donated paper developing kits for workshop participants to take home and continue their pinhole explorations. Flic Film is a small Canadian company supplying analogue photographers with specially formulated chemicals, film and other supplies. Beau carries a good selection from Flic Film so come by and see what we have in stock, or check Flic Film on our online shop.