SALE! Hand-grips, Battery Grips and More

As a carryover from last month, we do still have some sale/clearance pricing on a number of items, including one last Datacolor Spyder 5 Studio and a whole bunch of battery grips and hand-grips!

Datacolor Spyder 5 Studio $379 (SAVE $300) for monitor and printer calibration

Battery-Grip and Hand-Grip SALE!

Fujifilm Vertical Battery Grip

VG-XT1 for X-T1 – $105 (50% off)
VPB-XT2 for X-T2 – $290 (35% off)

Fujifilm MHG Metal Handgrips (with Arca Swiss dovetail)

X-Pro1 – $87 (40% off)
X-Pro1 (no Arca-Swiss) – $50 (60% off)
X-T1 – $84 (40% off)

Sony Vertical Battery Grip Sale

VG-C1EM for A7/A7S/A7R – $175 (50% off)
VG-C2EM for A7II/A7SII/A7RII – $225 (50% off)

Nikon Battery Grip Sale

MB-D12 for D800/D810 – $389 (45% off)
MB-D16 for D750 – $289 (50% off)
MB-D15 for D7100/D7200 – $385 (30% off)

Canon Battery Grip Sale

BG-E13 (EOS 6D) – $149 (50% off)

If you are interested in any of the above deals, please send an e-mail to Mike at and he can let you know if there is still stock on these items. As always, send an e-mail if you have any questions about what the right equipment for your needs is.

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