Profoto Launches Air Remote TTL-F for Fujifilm Digital Cameras

Profoto has officially announced their newest remote the Air TTL-F for Fuji Cameras. This long awaited remote is the collaboration between Profoto and Fujifilm to offer a seamless compatibility between Profoto flashes and Fujifilm cameras. The Profoto AirTTL was first announced in November 2013, making it possible to seamlessly merge Canon and Nikon cameras with Profoto AirTTL enabled flashes. Now Fujifilm shooters are included in the Profoto AirTTL family, empowering Fuji photographers to be more creative and focus less on settings.

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-F is a small, wireless radio transmitter that can be attached to the Fujifilm camera’s hot shoe. The remote offers full TTL and HSS capability with Profoto’s B1X, B1, B2, D2 and Pro-10 lights.

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Profoto AirTTL-F $599.00

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