Profoto A1 now only $795.00!

There is no better time than to buy the Profoto A1 than now!

Right now you can get yours for only $795.00. And that’s not all! On top of that you will get three batteries instead of just one. It is available for Canon or Nikon Cameras or can it be used off camera with the Profoto Connect or the Profoto AirTTL remote for Sony or Fujifilm cameras.

Called the world’s smallest studio light, there is a lot packed into this flash. The A1 is every inch a Profoto light – just smaller. Its unique round head delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. It is also incredibly easy to use with super fast recycling and a long-lasting battery – so you’ll never miss a shot.

So what sets the Profoto A1 apart from other flashes? Let’s start with quality.  With it’s unique round head the Profoto A1 mirrors the round shape of the sun giving it a more natural look. The quality of light and smooth fall off sets it apart. Also a key feature is the build quality of the Profoto A1. Often the build quality is not mentioned when comparing other products from other manufactures, more often it is just the price. Profoto products are designed with professionals in mind, and are built to last. Also they stand behind their products. While other manufactures may design their products to be replaced in a year, Profoto products are designed to take you well into your photography career.

Also, the Profoto A1 allows you to be more creative. It has available, a dedicated set of light-shaping modifiers that were designed with a built-in magnetic mount, so they can be easily clicked on and off or stacked to help you achieve exactly the effect you want. These include a Dome Diffuser, Bounce Card, Wide Lens, Gel Kits and Grid Kits and a Soft Bounce.

Each Profoto A1 comes with a built-in AirTTL Remote. With AirTTL you have a huge amount of built-in flexibility. TTL allows you to lock in the perfect exposure instantly, giving you far greater degree of control and a significantly faster workflow. It’s pretty much point-and-shoot; it’s easy, fast and precise. And the ‘Air’ feature means you can communicate with another A1 or other Profoto lights seamlessly, and High-Speed Sync is right there when you need it.

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