Profoto Softlight Reflector Silver


Often referred to as the “Beauty Dish. The Softlight Reflector Silver offers the perfect combination of even light, crisp definition and contrast. The effect is a pristine, natural look with slightly accentuated shadows that is often ideal for portraits and people photography. The silver version delivers more punch and contrast than the White Softlight Reflector.


Technical Specifications:

Light spread: 26° at position 4.

Output at 2 m with 2,400 Ws @ ISO 100: f/64.1 at zoom position 4.


All Profoto heads, including ProTungsten Air and ProDaylight Air


Diameter: 52.5 cm

Weight: 1.25 kg 2.75 lb

Size: 15.2 cm depth

Additional information

Weight 4.95 lbs
Dimensions 21.7 × 21 × 7.5 in