Profoto RFi Softbox 1×1.3 ft. (30x40cm)


This is Profoto’s smallest softbox. It is ideal for fitting into small spaces or carrying in a backpack. Profoto’s softboxes are designed to be a little deeper, allowing the light to bounce around a little for a more even light.



Deeper shape for more even light.

Recessed front for precise control.

Double-layered diffusers and a highly reflective silver interior.

Optional accessories available: Softgrid, Stripmask and the Flat Front Diffuser.

Designed to withstand years of professional use

Technical specifications:

Output at 2m with 2400Ws @ ISO 100: f-stop 22 9/10 w/both diffusers

Weight: 0,7 kg 1.5 lb

Size: 30 x 40 x 28,5 cm

Additional information

Weight 1.455 lbs
Dimensions 21.75 × 9.55 × 2.55 in