PocketWizard PlusVe


The PocketWizard PlusVe features more Zones than ever before, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a more compact size, and a color OLED. It has a removable, replaceable hot shoe as well. Leave the hot shoe attached for on camera use or remove it to reveal the 1/4-20″ mounting thread. The Plus Ve is an autosensing transceiver that is used to wirelessly trigger remote cameras or remote flashes. It will automatically function as a transmitter, a receiver, or both as needed.


The PlusVe is the next revolution in PocketWizard technology. Building on the groundbreaking features and rock solid reliability of the Plus IIIe, the Plus Ve takes remote triggering to the next level.  PocketWizard’s E Release firmware (introduced in 2019) is less susceptible to RF interference and more than doubles the range of our Legacy firmware, giving photographers every confidence in their triggers. It allows customers to pair their Plus Ve radios with new products like the Raven from Fusion TLC and upgraded firmware and hardware for Sekonic meters. Firmware updates are done via Bluetooth, no need to connect to the computer.

Important Information: The PocketWizard Plus Ve uses the E Release firmware exclusively and is only compatible with products also using the E Release firmware. It cannot be downgraded to Legacy firmware to work with older PocketWizard radios.

The PlusVe is available as a single unit or a two pack. A lanyard is included for each radio. Cables not included.

Key Features:
• Incredible Range and Rock-Solid Reliability – Trigger off-camera flash(es) and/or remote camera(s) from remarkable distances, even in challenging environments.
• 112 Channels and 6 Zones – Versatile enough to handle almost any shooting environment and with 6 Zones, change lighting any time.
• Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery – The built in battery charges by USB connection and is user-replaceable.
• Universal Camera & Flash Compatibility – Use with virtually any camera via hot shoe or PC port and flash via sync connection.
• PocketWizard, Fusion TLC, and Sekonic Compatibility – Compatible with all PocketWizards that can use the E Release firmware, the Raven, and E Release compatible Sekonic upgrades and modules.

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