Photoflex Strobe Connector for Alien Bees, White Lightning, Balcar, Flashpoint


Photoflex Strobe Connectors are a strong, heat resistant, cast aluminum frame that will not bend or warp. The inner plate allows soft box to rotate to any angle. The Photoflex Strobe Connectors accommodate any sized soft box, eliminating the need to buy different connector.




Strobe Connector SC-B9005PBR fits:

  • Alien Bees (all models)
  • White Lightning / Paul C Buff (please note: White Lightning, Balcar & Alien Bees are identical connectors and are interchangeable) Ultra Series, Ultra Zap Series, X Series Monolights (Does not fit White Lightning 5000 or 10,000)
  • Balcar (all models) Note: Balcar Pencil Light requires a Pencil Light adapter.
  • Flashpoint (By Adorama) Original series. Does not include Flashpoint 2 or DigiPopper

Warranty: 5 Years

Additional information

Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 8.4 × 7.7 × 1.9 in