Nikon Z 40mm f/2 SE

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Our fast 40mm prime with a cool retro design. This special edition of our 40mm f/2 prime is more than a lens—it’s a shooting style. Fast. In-the-moment. Improvisational. Its compact size and tactile feel make it a smooth operator, and its classic styling elevates the look of any Z camera. Combine that with the great low-light performance, beautiful bokeh and a natural angle of view of the original lens, and you’ve got a 40mm prime that really is special.

If you wanted to bundle this lens with a Zf body, just add the body and lens to the cart to qualify for a bundle discount. Once we complete the order we will apply the discount to the total price, although it will show as full-price initially. Feel free to CONTACT US  first for more info on the bundle rebate amount!

Read: Product Page (on Nikon’s website)

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