Mola Sollo 28″/ 71cm – Silver Interior


This is a special order item. Please contact us to purchase.

Special Order Item


When your concept calls for the ultimate in contrast nothing will get you there faster and more beautifully than the Mola Sollo. With its silver interior the Sollo produces a narrow beam of light with heightened shape and a significantly more distinct fall off. The Mola Sollo picks up where the Setti leaves off taking contrast, rapid shadow and highlight transition, efficiency, and cool color tones to the next level.

The Mola 28” Sollo Reflector is the updated version of the Mola Setti Reflector and replaces the Satin Silver Setti. With its one stop brighter surface, the Sollo is even more distinct than its white interior counterpart. It features a sharper edge and greater output, along with the Opal glass-PAD diffusion package.

This reflector requires the adapter plate which is brand specific, to fit your light fixture.

An optional custom carrying case is available to protect your Mola softlight, especially if you shoot on-location.


  • High Contrast
  • Silver Interior
  • Narrow Light Beam
  • Distinct fall off
  • Cool Color Tones


  • Weight 19 lbs
  • Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 in
  • Interior Finish Silver

Additional information

Weight 21.75 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 14.5 in