Mola Mantti 43.5″/ 110cm – White Interior


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Special Order Item


Offering a big, bright, window light look, the Mola Mantti creates a distinctly daylight quality of light. The largest and narrowest profile dish in the Mola family of reflectors, the Mantti produces open shadows, bright highlights, and medium contrast via its white interior finish. This reflector is the perfect candidate for portrait, editorial and catalog work.

For location portraiture or bridal work, this is a full-size super soft light with even light across the entire length of the body. Shooting without an assistant? No worries. Unlike traditional soft boxes the Mantti will not collapse in the wind.

This reflector requires the adapter plate which is brand specific, to fit your light fixture.


  • Pearlescent, soft 3D like highlights
  • Soft contouring shadows when used close with the opal diffuser
  • Easy to carry and extremely sturdy even in moderate wind on a heavy stand

What’s In the Box? :

  • Mola Mantti 43.5″ Beauty Dish Softlight Reflector (White)
  • Front Nylon Diffuser
  • Griff Tilt
  • Perforated Aluminum Diffuser
  • Set of Mounting Hardware, Spacers, and Compression Ring


  • Weight 65 lbs
  • Dimensions 46 × 46 × 11.5 in
  • Interior Finish White

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 11.5 in