MagMod Basic Kit


The MagMod Basic Kit includes the MagGrip, MagGrid, MagGel, Standard Gel Set and MagMod Transmitter Band. The MagGel allows you to use up to 3 gels at once, for colour correction or various colour effects.

The Standard Gel set includes 6 colour correction gels, one 3-stop neutral density gel and one opal frost diffusion gel.

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All gels are made of a rigid poly-carbonate to withstand the tests of time and use.

The MagGrid focuses the light to a precise 40 degree beam pattern, with minimal spill and hotspots. Can be stacked for an even tighter beam.

All the MagMod modifiers are made of silicone rubber that retains its elasticity over long periods of time and is highly durable, allowing all MagMod products to withstand being tossed around in your bag or on a job site.

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Dimensions 5.1 × 2.85 × 1.75 in