LEE Filters – Zircon LED Lighting Pack


These gel filters are used for colour correcting LED lights. The standard gel filters sold by LEE also correct LED lights but over time the intensity of LED fades the standard gel, forcing them to be replaced after 30 hours of use. The new Zircon filters have been developed in a way that ensures they last longer when used with LED lights.  Lee Filters claim the ZIRCON gel will last for 8 months and retain at least 80% effectiveness over that time. Stocked in a pack of 12 x 12″ pre-cut sheets that can be cut to size.



1x 801 Zircon Minus Green 1

1x 802 Zircon Minus Green 2

1x 803 Zircon Minus Green 3

1x 804 Zircon Minus Green 4

1x 805 Zircon Minus Green 5

1x 806 Zircon Warm Amber 2

1x 807 Zircon Warm Amber 4

1x 808 Zircon Warm Amber 6

1x 809 Zircon Warm Amber 8

1x 810 Zircon Diffusion 1

1x 811 Zircon Diffusion 2

1x 812 Zircon Diffusion 3

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 0.2 in
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