Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner (DISC.)

DISCONTINUED!  [June 2019]  We are very sad to report that Hasselblad has discontinued manufacturing their Flextight series of film scanners and no replacements are planned. There is no more stock and going forward, the only way of obtaining one would be on the used market. Parts and servicing will be available for a number of years to come, but we are concerned about the availability of film holders, especially optional or custom ones. Should you need a new holder, or a replacement for a damaged one, we’d suggest ordering sooner rater than later…


The new generation of Hasselblad scanners, the Flextight X1 and X5, are both built around the same foundation. A vertical optical system allows the CCD to face downwards, creating a glass-free optical path between the original and the lens. The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the entire original and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting and safe and secure handling of your originals. The components used in both Flextight scanners are basically the same, meaning that whichever solution you choose, the quality level is virtually identical. Differences between the models are more a matter of features and capabilities, especially with regards to productivity.

The Flextight X5 has a cooled CCD for minimal noise in the deep shadows of difficult transparencies, it can also scan reflective originals and an optional automated batch feeder can be added as well.

Read: X1/X5 Datasheet (download PDF)

Read: Full Product Info (on Hasselblad’s website)

Detailed Specifications

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