Fujifilm X-T30 II


Every element of FUJIFILM X-T30 II has been designed with photographers in mind. From the dial-based operation, and compact, lightweight body, to the latest-generation APS-C sensor, it lights up the imagination and inspires creativity. What’s more, X-T30 II fuses cutting edge, convenient features – such as a rear touchscreen and a discreet built-in flash – with a vintage aesthetic charm to make photography a truly immersive experience.

This item is available to special order in the configurations listed below. Please contact us before placing an order and we will endeavour to get an ETA from FUJIFILM Canada…


Available in multiple configurations in both silver and black:

X-T30 II Body – $1,125
X-T30 II Kit w/XC 15-45mm – $1,250
X-T30 II Kit w/XF 18-55mm – $1,625

X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor: The fourth-generation X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor sits at the heart of X-T30 II. The 26.1MP back-illuminated imaging sensor minimize noise, while also extending sensitivity to ISO160. Additionally, the unique structure of the X-Trans color filter array reduces moiré and false colors, without the need for an optical low pass filter.

X-Processor 4: The quad-core X-Processor 4 works with the X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor to provide an image processing combination that is capable of delivering various Film Simulation options, opening doors to new levels of creativity through how they each interpret colors and tones. Significant enhancements have also been made to the camera’s ability to track moving subjects, optimizing autofocus for both stills and its powerful 4K/30P video capabilities.

Perfect Color to Define Your Photographic Style: Great images need great color and Fujifilm’s outstanding legacy in color science, perfected by combining more than 85 years of expertise and knowledge, delivers on every image that is created. Each Film Simulation produces specially formulated depth, saturation, and tonality that needs little-or-no post production work.

Film Simulation Modes: Photographers and filmmakers can enjoy the creative freedom and unique look and feel of 18 different Film Simulations on X-T30 II. Each Film Simulation is precisely engineered to reproduce colors and tones from Fujifilm’s most popular analog films and some of photography’s longest-standing photo finishing processes. With your favorite Film Simulation, you can make images or video with a consistent look, transfer them to a smartphone or computer, then immediately post to social media or a blog.

Adjustable Settings: X-T30 II makes it easy to create your own distinctive visual style by combining Film Simulations with other effects, including film grain texture, color depth, clarity, sharpness, and highlight and shadow tones. All these adjustments are displayed live in the EVF and on the LCD touchscreen, for you to create great-looking effects and save them as presets.

Grain Effect: From a mild texture to the gritty look of a traditional high-ISO film, with X-T30 II you can easily add natural-looking grain to your photos in camera, controlling its intensity and size for perfect results.

Color Chrome Effect: Use X-T30 II’s Color Chrome effects to add depth, detail, and natural vividness to red, green, or yellow tones in your image where saturation is too high to achieve true gradation; or use Color Chrome FX Blue to adjust values in just the blue tones of an image. Adjust them separately in three levels to perfectly match your subject.

Best In Class Autofocusing: X-T30 II’s advanced autofocus uses densely arranged phase detection pixels and advanced algorithms to achieve best-in-class autofocus. Reaching blistering speeds and working across the frame, X-T30 II ensures you’re perfectly equipped to frame every opportunity.

Fast and Accurate: Focusing is as little as 0.02 secs, X-T30 II offers an autofocus performance equivalent to other high-performance X Series cameras*. In addition, thanks to the combination of X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 image processing engine, it maintains focus on fast or erratically moving subjects and will lock on to an individual’s face for portrait perfection.
* X-T4, X-Pro3

Face/Eye Detection AF: Whether you’re photographing people on the move or using a shallow depth-of-field to give your portraits a three-dimensional look, you can be confident X-T30 II will keep your subject’s face or eyes in focus thanks to Face and Eye Detection AF. These also work for for video, so X-T30 II will keep the subject sharp, while you concentrate on the story.

Tracking AF: AF speed and performance doesn’t let up when it comes to other subjects, either. X-T30 II’s AF algorithm detects shapes and colors to identify subjects, keeping them in focus with high-speed tracking performance. A half-press of the shutter button is all it takes for X-T30 II to smoothly and accurately track your subject as it moves around the frame.

Low-Light AF: X-T30 II’s Intelligent Hybrid Phase Detection autofocus system delivers sharp, clear results in very dark interiors or low-light situations. With a sensitivity down to -7EV*, autofocus can be used even in nighttime conditions, where other cameras might struggle.
*With XF50mmF1.0 R WR attached

Movie Feature: Many of today’s cameras have a 4K video output, but X-T30 II uniquely shoots footage oversampled from an original 6K signal. This means the camera delivers high-resolution footage with relatively low noise and stunning sharpness. It also supports filming in DCI format with a 17:9 aspect, for a high-quality cinematic look.
Fujifilm’s unrivalled color science benefits video, too. When creating movies, you can use any of X-T30 II’s 18 different Film Simulations to add your own distinctive look to footage, including ETERNA, the motion picture film stock used in many cinematic masterpieces.

Full HD 240p High Speed Footage: X-T30 II records Full HD high-speed movies at 240fps. Played back at normal speed, this results in smooth, high-quality footage with up to a 10x slow-motion effect.

F-Log: For greater post-production flexibility, X-T30 II supports F-Log video format, which allows you to record movies with a wide dynamic range, improving detail in highlights and shadows. Using F-Log View Assist while recording also gives you a BT.709 equivalent preview on the LCD monitor, to help with visualizing what an edit could look like.

Shooting Modes to Suit Any Conditions: X-T30 II adapts to the way you want to create images. For great results with minimal hassle, AUTO offers intelligent, fully-automatic shooting. Choose Manual to take full control yourself; pick Aperture Priority for front to back sharpness, or blur backgrounds in your image; switch to Shutter Priority to emphasize movement in your subject; or set Program to leave the choice of aperture and shutter speed to the camera.

High-Speed Continuous Framing: Need to tackle fast-moving subjects? X-T30 II has your back. Between its 8 frames-per-second mechanical shutter, and 20 frames-per-second Electronic Shutter, keeping up with the action is well within your grasp. And if you need even more speed, the Electronic Shutter can be accelerated to 30 frames-per-second, with a slight crop to the view.

Smartphone Compatibility: Install the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote App on your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be able to send images from the camera to smart devices, control exposure settings, and remotely release the shutter. The app can also help save data by compressing images down to 3MB as they’re transferred. Pairing your camera via Bluetooth allows you to schedule image transfers from the camera to your device while it is not being used. You can also enable notifications for firmware updates, then download and install them remotely, without the need for a computer.


Read: Full Specifications (on Fujifilm’s website)

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