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The Beau Bracket is arguably the best designed and built flash bracket around. Not only does it get your flash off and over your camera to help eliminate background shadows, the flip arm allows the flash to be repositioned above the lens when you switch from horizontal to vertical orientation. It also positions the flash correctly so you do not get the light falloff on the top and bottom of your image that other conventional brackets cause.

The Beau Bracket was first designed back in the 90s by Beau Photo’s owner Angie Apostolides. Several photographers approached Angie looking for a better flash bracket. Angie took their suggestions, designing and redesigning the bracket until it was perfected into a product he was finally satisfied with. The Beau Bracket became so popular that even Lisle Kelco, the Hasselblad distributor at the time, began purchasing Beau Bracket accessories from Angie to use with their bracket for Hasselblad photographers.

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Arm for Cold Shoe (BB0105), Arm for Cold Shoe Complete (BB0105), Arm with Strobe Stud (BB0981), Extension Barrel (BB0101), Hot Shoe Anti-Twist Plate (BB0107), Locking Cold Shoe (BB0987), Quick Release Plate (BP0104), Umbrella Adapter (BP0108)