Mola Softlight – What’s the difference?

(Above image of Jon Bon Jovi shot with Mola Demi 22″ White – source

Somethings you can’t put into words, well I can’t. A certain sunset, the feeling when you stand in an old growth forest, when you hold your newborn for the first time. I guess that is why I am not a writer, by profession.  You could ask me what makes Mola softlights different from other light modifiers and I would respond “It’s the quality of the light” which seams to be a legitimate answer but what exactly does that mean? There are a lot of beauty dishes out there but I think Mola Softlights just do it better.

I was first introduced to Mola Softlights by Peter Poremba the President of Dynalite and at that time a distributor of Mola Softlights in the US. Peter is one of the smartest people I know. His understanding of the workings of the Dynalite packs and their circuitry was second to none. As well, and his eye for lighting was amazing. It just made sense that he would want to team up with Mola Softlights to promote these unique light modifiers.

It was a short time after that where Beau Photo started selling and renting Mola Softlights in Canada. This began a long relationship with founder and creator of Mola Softlights, Walter Melrose. Walter had a passion for perfecting photographic lighting, and a dream to build a product that all photographers can benefit from. He studied photography at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and has certificates in art and design from OCAD University, one of the largest and longest standing comprehensive art, design and media universities in Canada.

Walter describes what makes Mola soflight different like this: “Each of the Mola softlights shape light in a unique way before it hits the subject, because they were each developed with a different use in mind. The 33.5″ Euro was actually the first product we developed. It is designed with versatility in mind: It is a well-rounded (no pun intended) reflector that can be used for beauty, fashion and product work. The Manti on the other hand was designed to simulate window light. The Demi is a smaller version of the Euro…it offers a bright center core of light, gradual fall off and a beautiful wrap-around quality of light. This well-rounded reflector provides coverage, contour, proportion, contrast, and falloff, easily replacing the need for a range of softboxes. The Mola Euro is a truly multipurpose tool ideal for a wide variety of lighting tasks from product, to portrait, to beauty and fashion”.

For over 35 years, Walter labored to achieve his dream, to develop the Mola ‘softlight’, as an essential fixture in the world of fashion, beauty and portraiture photography. Since those early years Walter has continued to develop new and different light modifiers that would create very different effects.  To date there are eight different Mola lights from the softest to the hardest of light, with many more accessories to further accentuate and modify their unique quality of light.

For a short time we were not able to bring in Mola softlights but in December of 2018 Mola joined the Promark BRANDS group of companies who specialize in manufacturing and distribution of photographic lighting and accessories. So I am happy to say we now have access to the full line of Mola softlights and their accessories.  For more information and to see samples of the amazing light that these light modifiers make go to :

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