I Like Social & Physical Distancing!

Unlike a lot of people, I actually do not mind all this social/physical distancing and isolation.  My neighbourhood is quieter, and the birds seem to be singing more. With hardly any people in the local park, I have noticed more animals out & about too.  Imagine my surprise, when out for a walk, I saw a pair of Barred Owls looking at me.  I rushed back to get a longer lens, hoping they would still be there. Luckily, they were still there curiously looking at the passersby.

Owl shooting tip #1: as larger owls can stay stationary for a relatively long time, you can use shutter speeds up to 2 seconds on a windless day.  That way, you can use the base ISO of your camera to get the best image quality possible.  The downside of this strategy is that when the owl decides to fly, your camera settings will be woefully inadequate to get the bird sharp.

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