Elinchrom At Beau Photo

Photo: Copyright Michael Clark

You might not know this but Beau Photo is now an Elinchrom reseller. Yes, since distributorship changed in Canada we have been selling Elinchrom lights, parts and accessories to new and established Elinchrom photographers.

Located in Renens, Switzerland, Elinchrom has been in the business since 1962. That year Gerry Bemieville the founder of an electrical company in Venezuela moved to Switzerland and started Elinca which is now known as Elinchrom.  There have been many changes over the years and so many improvements. Elinchrom is now one if the premier lighting companies in the world with a line of products for professionals as well as those just starting out. Whether it is their portable ELB battery packs or their affordable BRX Monolites or even their famous Rotalux and Litemotiv Light Shapers we are here to help you on your photographic journey. Please call us for all your lighting needs and advice.

For a full list of Elinchrom products visit: https://www.elinchrom.com/

For more info on how Michael Clark got this amazing photo go to: https://www.elinchromus.com/articles/lighting-the-spirit-michael-clark-and-the-elb-1200.html

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