Coca Cola Plastic Fantastic

After my recent rant about plastic cameras NEVER working for me, one finally did! The very cool plastic Coca Cola can camera. Sadly mine is pretty beat up and its flash doesn’t work but still good for a sunny day. To shoot it one must flip up the side…you may know from past posts that is an aesthetic feature I’m a sucker for!

As usual I took it along on a sunny day bike ride! After developing my roll in Ilford Microphen my exposure was on point (was this the Microphen or the camera?). I found the focus free focus was not that focused- the photos looked a bit like I’d taken them through a window covered in rain drops! I even tried it at 7:30 in the morning and got reasonably exposed photos. I really did enjoy using this camera, my only wish is that it was a real camera, with focus. Because it is actually the size of a regular Coke can it quite handily fit in the drink holder of my bike too!

– Nicole

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