Clearance Folders, Thermal Mount board, Renaissance Mats and More!

We are continuing our store clear out of discontinued stock or other interesting things we’ve found in the depths of Beau Photo as we prepare to move locations later on this year. We’ve got a variety of folders, Renaissance Albums and mats as well as any number of other great finds at very low prices!

Here’s a few of the things we’ve currently got on the clearance shelf! Lots of presentation options….

Thermal Mounting Boards

If you have (or have access to) a heat press, thermal mounting boards are ideal for adding rigidity to textured items like canvas or textured fine-art paper, and the archival adhesive won’t compromise your artwork.

Possibly the last stock on hand in the world, at blowout prices lower than we charged you in 1998!!

.10 to .25 each or make us an offer!

11×14 1.31 each in 1998 212 available .10 each

20×24 5.18 each in 1998 9 available .20 each

20×30 7.37 each in 1998 23 available .25 each


Folders and Sports Mounts

Take advantage of (discontinued) useful items! $ 1.00/bundle or make us an offer!


AGT 2×3 (bundles of 50): Baby Announcements

AGT 2×3 Thank You cards (bundles of 50): Tara, Vancouver Special

AGT 2×3 Vancouver Easel Thank You cards (2 bundles of 25)

TAP Memory Mates: 75/35H, Marble and Black/white (bundles of 25)

TAP Panel Mounts: Marble 4×6, Black/white 6×8 (bundles of 25)

Tyndell 7×5 Marble Class Folders (bundles of 25)

AGT 4×5 Proof folders: 4×5-6’s. 4×5-8’s, 5×5-8’s

TAP Buckeye 5×4 or 5×5 Black folders (bundles of 25)



Renaissance Albums and Mats

We’ve got packs of Renaissance mats on for $2.00 per pack!! There are 10 mats per pack for most types, 5 mats per pack for the Ambiance mats. Many, many varieties for the Milano, Seville and Ambiance albums. As well we have a few sizes and styles of albums available at discounted prices, including Library, Ambiance, Milano, Elan, Park, Hudson and Seville. We’ve put together a few albums with mixed mats in them to buy as a complete item or there are many varieties of Library, Milano and Ambiance albums to be purchases separately and you can build your own with the various mats available.


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