A New Light Is Dawning

Something new and wonderful is coming from Profoto. Given the name “The Worlds Smallest Studio Light”, the Profoto A1 studio flash is designed to not only look great…it’s built to impress! The initial shipment of the Profoto A1 will be a Nikon and Canon version followed soon by a Sony version.  The first thing you notice about this new flash is that it has a round head, not a rectangle one, so it gives off a more natural light similar to the sun or even other Profoto studio lights. It has a clear, easy to read display and straight forward interface making it very easy to use right out of the box. What is also great is its battery life. Say goodbye to AA batteries, the A1 comes with a powerful lithium battery, giving you quick recycling and amazing performance. Finally, coming from  Profoto the “Light shaping company” you know there are going to be some very useful modifiers for greater control to really get creative with this new light. Look forward to seeing the Profoto A1 for Canon and Nikon soon at Beau Photo!


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