An Urban Wander Gallery

Exhibition – April 24 – June 30
Beau Photo Gallery Space

We’ve strolled through the streets like the flaneurs of 19th century Paris, but as active observers, using cameras to record impressions as we’ve come upon them. To stroll is to deliberately move through, and be surrounded by the architecture and inhabitants of the city, but with no specific intention. In this case however, we’ve interacted with our surroundings through our cameras.

View the exhibition at Beau and see the city through the eyes of different photographers, both film and digital.

The submissions were great, and it was difficult to choose just one image from each person so in addition to the selected image that has been printed and hung in the gallery space at Beau, we’ve decided to include a few more images here in an online gallery!

ILFORD generously donated a roll of film for each participant in the film wander! As well, ILFORD donated a pack of 11×17 Galerie Premium Lustre inkjet paper to print the exhibition on. Digital wander participants selected a lens from our rental department cabinets to try out. Rocket Repro generously offered to process all of the film for the film wander participants! Thanks to Rocket for continuing to support film photographers in Vancouver (they do digital too!).

A Day to Wander

Andrea Tolentino

Granville Island –
Canon Rebel T5, 8-15mm f4L fisheye lens.

Brandon Leung

Broadway, Downtown –
Ilford Delta 3200

Dean Lastoria

False Creek – Ilford HP5 Plus pushed to 3200 – Graph-Check Sequence Camera

Deanna Flinn

Lonsdale Quay, West End – Fuji X100F

Doug Brons

South Granville – Digital Wander

Fiona Howarth

Lonsdale – Ilford Delta 3200

Jim Sollows

Downtown –
Ilford HP5 film, Hasselblad camera

Johnny Chan

Chinatown, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, Shaughnessy – Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm f4 lens

Kathleen Hung

Downtown, Coal Harbour, Mt Pleasant – Ilford Delta 100, Konica Autoreflex TC

Mike Jurek

Beau to Downtown to Gastown to Hastings –
Sony A7II, Rokinon 24mm, 2.8

Naomi Do

Steveston Village –
Ilford Delta 400, Canon AE-1 Program

Noriko Nasu-Tidball

Mount Pleasant, False Creek Flats –
Ilford HP5 Plus

Robyn Cowan

South Granville – Nikon Z6, FTZ adapter and Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm lens

Ryan Lee

Beau to Broadway to Main to Beau –
Ilford HP5 Plus

Sheila Grant-Duff

From Beau to Vanier Park – Ilford HP5 Plus, Kodak Pony I35 Model B camera

Tatiana Porter

 South Granville, Burrard Bridge, Granville Island , Kitsilano – Ilford HP5 Plus, Nikon F80

Nicole Langdon-Davies

 Commercial Drive – Ilford HP5 Plus, push processed
Leica M3 with Elmarit 28mm lens

Syed Mustafa

 South Granville, Downtown , Kitsilano
Ilford HP5 Plus, Mamiya C330 Professional w/ 135mm lens + Metz Mecablitz flash

If your name wasn’t drawn for the wander, you can still participate!

Wander your neighbourhood or maybe visit a neighbourhood you are interested in, and take some photographs. Select one or two of your best and post them to Instagram, then follow along and see what others are showing. Tag us and use this hashtag to make sure they appear with images from other wanderers – #beauwander2021

If you want to shoot film on your wander, feel free to do that. Post an image or two once you have the film processed.

Here are some inspiring words to think about while you stroll and photograph…

Stroll through the streets like the flaneurs of 19th century Paris, but as an active observer, using your camera to record impressions as you come upon them. To stroll is to deliberately but leisurely move through, and be surrounded by the architecture and inhabitants of the city, but with no specific intention. In this case however, you will interact with you surroundings through your camera. We offer a few inspirational thoughts about city strolling taken from an interesting (though somewhat academic) read titled “The Aesthetics of City Strolling” by Heinz Paetzold. See the link below for the full essay. We hope this will help you on your observations and photographic adventures.

In 19th century Paris, the term flânerie, translated as city strolling, was a growing pastime of purposefully but aimlessly wandering the city boulevards with an observational eye and thoughtful investigation, while becoming part of the fabric of the city. We will approach city strolling as a deliberate activity in which we will wander the streets and observe the details of our surroundings, whether they be small stones in a sidewalk or a sweeping view of the street. Paetzold writes “one of the delights of city strolling consists in the activity of poeticizing what we come across”.

Slow down and take in the atmosphere of your surroundings, the sounds, scents and textures, and let that be your guide to what you photograph. Capture things in your frame that you wouldn’t ordinarily, and see what sights speak to you. We hope you will begin to feel you are a part of your environment and it will lead you to some new discoveries.

The Aesthetics of City Strolling. Heinz Paetzold