Photographer’s Assistants in Vancouver

Sven Boeker

Sean Frith


Rob Seebacher


Jay Delaney
– assistant & digital tech.
– Profoto, Hensel, Speedo, Norman, studio and location.
– Graduate of Langara College’s Professional Photo imaging Program

Wayne Hoecherl

cel. 604.813.1330
20+ years of experience

Geoff Neufeldt



John Watson
604 727 8506

Years of photography experience both in studio and on location, through my own assignments as well as working with other photographers on commercial advertising projects, gallery shoots and some additional “crew” positions on movie and TV sets I enjoy being part of creative teams.

Knowledgeable, familiar and experienced with:
– most camera systems (Canon shooter, DSLR, medium format etc)
– lighting systems (Profoto, Broncolor, Hensel, Speedotron, Godox, Dynalite, Paul C Buff, Kino Flo etc)
– grip equipment (Super clamps to Hi Rollers and everything in-between!)  – Fast learner and smart thinker for equipment I have not had experience with.
– proficient in Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge.
– Have valid BC Drivers License and my own car.


Rose Athena
(778) 239-5922
– Canon, Hasselblad, ARRI, RED
– Profoto, Broncolor, Briese, Joker, Kino
– 4 years assisting experience, 1 year as 2nd AC
– Capture One, Photoshop, DF Studio
– Fluent in Italian, Class 3 drivers license

Luca Camaiani
604 345 9245

– Graduate from Langara Collage’s Professional Photography Program
– Familiar with all major camera brands (Phase One, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.)
– Lots of experience with Profoto equipment
– Experienced working both in studio and on location
– Familiar with Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop
– Familiar working with film cameras both in studio and on location (35mm and medium format)


Dana Diab

Phone: (778) 868 – 5929


– Graduate from Langara College’s Professional Photography Program

– Familiar with Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop

– Lighting: Profoto and Strobepro 

– Camera system: Canon, Sony and Phase one


Lindsey Fisette

Phone: 250.863.7541

-Experienced Digital Tech & Assistant(1st/2nd)
-Capture One, Photoshop, Lightroom,
-Cameras: Phase, Hassleblad, Canon, Nikon, Sony
-Lighting: Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrome, Kino etc
-Class 5 Drivers license, comfortable driving gear vans/1 tonnes

-Graduate of Langara College’s Professional Photo imaging Program who just spent 7 years abroad working as a Digi Tech & Assistant in Melbourne, Australia. (Stills on TV sets, Advertising, Automotive Photography- Location and Studio sets)

Jupneet Kahlon
Phone: +1 778-895-0900
Experience with Location and Studio Lighting
– Camera systems : Phase One, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon
– Lighting systems : Broncolor,  Profoto, Joker, Paul C. Buff, Dynalite , Kino Flo
– Software : Photoshop, Capture One, Lightroom- Education – Langara College Photography Diploma Program.
– Class 5 driver’s licence with own vehicle.

Daniel Hearn
– Accomplished digital tech and first/second assistant.
- Advertising, film gallery, editorial, fashion, lifestyle, travel.
- International experience.
- Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.
- Profoto, Elinchrom, Alien Bees, Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad, Phase, etc.

Robin Hunt
– Experienced Photo Assistant and Digital Tech, 7+years.
– Experience w mono/pack strobe lighting (Profoto, Dynalite, Speedotron), Kino Flo and available. Grip/C-stands/Backdrops/etc.
– Great digital workflow, experience w Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop, Focus and Canon software.Canon/Hasselblad/Nikon.
– Have valid passport and reliable SUV.

John Kelsey
Cell: 604-723-7745

I am from Vancouver Island but I’ve been all over for the last 10 years, and have just recently followed my heart back to Vancouver after almost 5 years working in New York City. For the last 3.5 years I was full time as Mark Seliger’s first assistant, travelling with him and managing all of his photo and video production as his only full time photo assistant. Before that I was working in a third assistant position for Annie Leibovitz for roughly a year and a half.

I have extensive professional experience with the following systems:
Digital Camera systems: phase one (full system), hasselblad (full system), Sony, Nikon, Canon and Leica.
Film camera systems:  8×10,  4×5, Mamiya RZ, Pentax 67, hasselblad,Leica, + many misc 35mm systems.
Lighting: Arri LED, Arri hot, profoto, broncolor
Software: professional digitech experience with capture 1, Phocus, full adobe creative suite.

Albert Law
604 229 9210

Assistant & Digitech
10+ years shooting on location
Experience with shaping natural light, Flash systems, and LED constant lighting
Familiar with Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop

Johnny Liu

Photo Assistant and Digital Technician
(604) 783-2087<
– 2 years experience assisting/digiteching, references available on request
– Attended Langara’s professional photography diploma program
– Can provide laptop + hard drive to tether to on set
– Proficient with Capture One 10/11, Lightroom and Photoshop CC
– Familiar with Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, and Phase One camera systems
– Familiar with Profoto, Elinchrom, Godox, and Paul C. Buff lighting systems

Benjamin Luk



Ehsan Mahdizadeh
cel. (604) 366-5511
– Full knowledge of Canon; experienced with Nikon; own 5DMK II, Profoto, Speedotron, Photogenic, Nikon and Canon Speedlights, studio and location lighting.
– Photoshop, Lightroom, Mac & PC, Wireless and wired tethering.
– Completed the Langara College Continuing Studies Photography Program.
– Experience working with DDB and Langara College. Won a student award from Applied Art 2013 and featured in Canada Camera Magazine in 2014.
– Print output experience. Experienced underwater photography with capability of underwater lighting.
Valid driver’s license.

Kai Mallari

Assistant | Digi-Tech | Retoucher

778 847 3133

Cameras:  Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad, and PhaseOne.

Lighting:  Profoto, Photogenic, Hensel, Dynalite, Alien Bee, White Lightning, and speedlites.

Digital:  Mac and Windows. CaptureOne, Lightroom, and Phocus.

Education:  Langara Full-Time Photography Program and Langara Continuing Studies Photography Program

Ian Mawson

First or second assistant.
– Lighting – Equipment maintenance – Time management
– Organising other assistants – Making tea – Setting up backdrops.
– Camera systems familiarity : Hasselblad H4 .with Phase 1 display – all Nikons and Canons – Fuji – Leica.
– Lighting systems familiarity : Elinchrom – White Lightning – Photogenic Systems – Metz – all camera mounted flash systems and 1950 film lights
– Software proficiencies : Photoshop – Light Room – Capture One
– 9 years experience. Education : Coventry University. I have also been trained by Dina Goldstein, Hanson Fong and Joe McNally.
Rate : Flexible.

David A Mitchell
Mobile: 236 838 9809
Experienced Photo Assistant! I’ve spent the past 15 years as a Photo Assiant and Grip in London UK. Now living in Vancouver.
– Full drivers license
– Excellent knowledge of all lights, lighting techniques and grip
– Good working knowledge of all camera systems
– Happy to Digi Opp
– Really happy to make tea

Marc de Montreuil
Photo Assistant // Digi-tech // Retoucher
On-location and In-studio experience
Camera Systems: Sony, Phase One, Nikon, Hasselblad H4D
Lighting Systems: Profoto, Alien Bees, Photogenic
Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, Phocus, Capture One
Education: Langara College 2 year Professional Photography Diploma
Valid Class 5 drivers licence (7 years driving experience)

Tobyn Ross


Kate Sigmundson

I have been working as a photo assistant in Vancouver for about two and a half years, and I recently received my Phase One Certified Professional designation. I am very comfortable working with a tethered system as a digital tech, and I am very familiar with studio lighting and Profoto equipment in particular. I also work as a photo editor and retoucher and am very skilled with Capture One, Photoshop, and Lightroom.


Camera: Nikon, Canon, Fuifilm, Hasselblad, Phase One, Sony.

Lighting: Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Alien Bees, White Lightning, all types of speedlights, continuous lighting.

Digital: Capture One, Photoshop, Bridge, Camera Raw, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Phase One digital backs.

Other: Phase One Certified Professional, digital tech experience, very skilled photo editor and retoucher, current driver’s licence.


Olivia Solodko

Photo Assistant and Digital Tech

Phone: 647-300-6483


– Capture One, Photoshop, Lightroom
– Familiar with Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm and Sony camera systems
– Class 3 Drivers License with own vehicle

Eric Thompson



Eric Tigges
Photo Assistant
Phone: 604-727-6342

Driver’s License + Vehicle and Passport

Camera: All digital systems and all 35mm Systems. Some 120mm systems.
Lighting: Profoto, Broncolor, Arri
Digital: Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One

Mackenzie Walker

I have many years experience working on a variety of photographic projects. I have worked in a team working on big shoots, but I also have been the jack of all trades assistant on smaller projects.
I have a car and valid Canadian passport.
– Camera systems : Phase One, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Fuji
– Lighting systems : Profoto, Speedotron, Paul C. Buff, Dynalite , Kino Flo, De Sisti
– Software : Photoshop, Capture One, Phocus, Lightroom. I am native on Mac OSX, and proficient on PC.

Zenna Wong
604 600 7845
· -Familiar with Canon, Nikon, some Sony, Olympus, Phase One, Hasselblad
· -Familiar with Profoto, Paul C Buff, Broncolor, speedlites
· -Proficient in the entire Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Premiere etc.), Capture One
· -Graduate of the BCIT New Media Design & Web Development Program as well as Langara Professional Photography Program. Technically minded with a broad understanding of the various veines of new media.
· -Current driver’s license and passport.

Caitlyn Van Nice

1(604) 396 2438
Camera: Nikon, Canon.
Lighting systems: Profoto, Dynalite, Broncolor.
Digital software: Photoshop, Lightroom.
Attended digital photography program at Van Arts.
Valid BC drivers license & passport.

Michal Urbanek

2nd assistant / digitech
On location and in studio shooting experience. Shooting with Canon, familiar with Nikon.
Have worked with Profoto, Strobepro, Paul C. Buff, Speedotron and speedlites.
Comfortable with Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture one. Mac or PC.
Education – Langara College Photography program.
Class 5 driver’s licence with own vehicle.

Charles Zuckermann

    • – 10 years experience
    • – Also have 5 Years producing experience
    • – Shoot with Canon Cameras & Profoto Lighting
    • – Current driver licence & passport

Trevor Yee
ph. 1.888.823.9998
Cell 604.767.0804
Experienced Photo Assistant -10+ years
-Location scouting
-Set Build

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