Used Thomas FX SN-600 Snow Machine


The SN-600 DMX Snow System by Thomas FX is used by professionals in the film and special event industries to generate realistic falling snow effects, yet easy to set up and operate for home use.

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Fill with Thomas FX Snow Fluid, plug in your snow system, turn on the power and set the variable control to the flake size you prefer. The Thomas SN-600 DMX Snow System has a special Air Volume Switch to propel flakes further, up to 30-35 feet. Adjust flake size with a remote control to create a light snowfall with tiny flakes, huge flakes, lots of volume or anything in between. The SN-600 DMX Snow System contains sound dampening insulation that makes it quieter than most conventional snow machines; a mere 63 decibels of audible sound . . . . whisper quiet. Best effects are achieved if it is mounted at least 15′ high. The higher the better. One gallon of Thomas FX Snow fluid will produce approximately 75 minutes of non-stop falling snow.

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 13 in

Thomas FX

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Snow Machine