Profoto StyleShoots Horizontal

Flat lay photography faster than ever

Profoto StyleShoots Horizontal is Profoto’s innovative system for e-commerce packshots and premium flat lays, comprising everything you need in one powerful tool. Experience flat lay packshot creation like never before, thanks to Profoto’s second- to-none software and hardware integration. Easily style your items and get a ready-to-export background-free image within seconds.

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Only premium materials and best-in-class hardware are used for Horizontal: Powder-coated steel, scratch-proof glass, and a powerful Mac at its core. The integrated Canon EOS full-frame mirrorless camera and four high-CRI LED lights ensure color-accurate, vibrant images.
It only takes a single user to operate Horizontal: The included iPad Pro allows you to manage your shoot with user-friendly design and a fluid interface. Adjust your lighting with a simple hand gesture and shoot high-quality packshots for instant review. Seamlessly export your images and share them via Drive.
Made to capture e-commerce content efficiently, Horizontal offers intelligent styling tools that help you achieve consistent output. With a static angle and fixed distance between subject and camera, you shoot stunning visuals time and time again. Horizontal’s automated features reduce your time-to-web while increasing your daily output.

From background removal to a seamless export process, Horizontal is designed for fast and efficient packshot production at scale. No matter how many products you shoot, a lean studio workflow ensures standardized yet stunning background-free images on repeat. The integrated Canon EOS camera and powerful high-CRI LED lights deliver excellent, color-accurate product images with every shot.


  • Auto Alpha™ automatically delivers full background transparency
  • An All-in-one studio setup with everything built-in saves space, hides all unnecessary complexity, speeds up your workflow, and ensures consistency in your output
  • Light Controller: adjust the lighting by moving your finger on the iPad and instantly see the result
  • Export in various file formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, and CR2


Canon EOS camera with Canon 24-105mm lens and motorized zoom

High-CRI LED lighting system fully adjustable via the iPad Active LED illuminated glass backlight with black/white effect The embedded Apple Mac runs the ProStudio Core software An Apple iPad™ Pro held by an integrated swivel-mount running the native iOS controller app

Custom electronics controlling camera, mechatronics, and lighting


State-of-the-art embedded software controlling all hardware, image processing, and file exporting

Native iOS app ensuring fluid control of all features

Seamless integration with our third-party post-production partners Pixelz and Bright River

Seamless connection with ProStudio for workflow for smooth and efficient workflow management and shoot planning Share files on your company network using the Drive or save to USB

Product details

Manufacturer’s P/N: 90010010

Width: 260 cm / 102.4 in

Height: 216 cm / 85 in

Length: 282 cm / 111 in

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