Profoto OCF II Gels


The Profoto OCF II Gels allow you to be super-creative with color on the move. Have fun with colors that range from Rose Pink, Jade and Yellow to Peacock Blue, and naturally balance flash with ambient light with CTO gels, Quarter CTB gels, and Half Plus Green. The magnetic gels attach directly onto the OCF II Grid & Gel Holder or the OCF II Barndoor. They can be clicked on and off in seconds. For even more creative possibilities on the move, stack them with OCF II Grids.



  • Attaches with magnets onto OCF II Grid & Gel Holder or OCF II Barndoor.
  • Easy to stack with OCF II Grids.


101041 OCF II Gel – Full CTO

101042 OCF II Gel – Half CTO

101043 OCF II Gel – Quarter CTO

101044 OCF II Gel – Quarter CTB

101045 OCF II Gel – Half Plus Green

101046 OCF II Gel – Rose Pink

101047 OCF II Gel – Scarlet

101048 OCF II Gel – Light Lavender

101049 OCF II Gel – Blue

101050 OCF II Gel – Yellow

101051 OCF II Gel – Peacock Blue

101052 OCF II Gel – Jade

Additional information

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Gel Filters

1/2 CTO – Profoto OCF II, 1/2 Plus Green – Profoto OCF II, 1/4 CTB – Profoto OCF II, 1/4 CTO – Profoto OCF II, Blue – Profoto OCF II, Full CTO – Profoto OCF II, Jade – Profoto OCF II, Light Lavender – Profoto OCF II, Peacock Blue – Profoto OCF II, Rose Pink – Profoto OCF II, Scarlet – Profoto OCF II, Yellow – Profoto OCF II