Profoto Eclipse II

Engineered for a busy studio environment, the Eclipse II is a compact and durable all-rounder. Smooth steel and aluminum encase the strong core of the system: A Canon EOS full-frame mirrorless camera, industry-leading high CRI LED lighting, and a powerful Mac. Two Side Doors articulate upwards on gas dampers and house the Striplights and Backwall lights. The two Front Doors swing sideways and house frontal Fill lights. All doors are entirely white inside for optimum light conditions.

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The integrated Canon EOS-R8 camera with the latest 24-105 RF L Lens with nano USM focus delivers premium sharpness to highlight even the most intricate product details. High-CRI LED panels ensure unparalleled color accuracy and consistent, high-quality results in video and stills. The latest powerful Mac Mini and seamless integration with ProStudio for workflow speed up your content production.

Compose, shoot, name, and export your content via the integrated iPad Pro. The intuitive ProStudio App guides you through the condensed workflow. Customizable presets save your light and camera settings for consistent results, saving you time and resources in content production and retouching. Eclipse II is as easy to use as a smartphone and only requires a single user to achieve professional results.


  • One setup for video and stills saves space, speeds up your workflow, and ensures matching colors
  • Customizable presets save lights, camera position, tilt, and zoom
  • Video pre-edit: software and hardware work together to record and automatically edit your videos
  • Light Controller: adjust the lighting by moving your finger on the iPad and instantly see the result
  • Dual Front doors and gas-lifted Side doors for ergonomic comfort
  • High-resolution content: Video: 1080, 720 or 480 px; Photos: 3840 – 200 px
  • Export in various file formats: MOV and .MP4, JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW


Canon EOS-R8 camera with Canon 24-105 RF L lens

3-Axis Camera System: motorized zoom, tilt, and elevation Motorized turntable with 360° rotation and interchangeable top plates

High-CRI LED lighting system with 10 panels individually adjustable via the iPad

The embedded M2 Mac Mini runs the ProStudio Core software An Apple iPad Pro held by an integrated swivel mount runs the native iOS controller app

Custom electronics control camera, mechatronics, and lighting



State-of-the-art embedded software controlling all hardware, image processing, and file exporting

Native iOS app ensuring fluid control of all features

Seamless connection with ProStudio for workflow for smooth and efficient workflow management and shoot planning Share files on your company network using ProStudio Drive or save to USB-C connected storage.

Product details

Manufacturer’s P/N: 90040010

Width: 201 cm / 79 in

Height: 150 cm / 59 in

Length: 171 cm / 67.3 in

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E-commerce Photography

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