Profoto B2 Head


The B2 head is the compact and portable head that is part of the B2 Kit. Small enough to fit in a camera bag or even some jacket pockets. Its size and weight allows you to illuminate even the hardest to reach places. It has a maximum output of 250w/s yet only weighs 1.5 lbs. / 700 gm. It is equipped with an energy efficient 9 watt modeling light equivalent to 50W Halogen. The B2 head also allows you access to over 150 of Profoto’s light modifiers including the newest very portable OCF line of modifiers.



Technical specifications:

Max energy: 250Ws

Guide number @ 2m / 100 ISO with Magnum Reflector: 32 2/10

Max modeling light: LED 9W (Equivalent of 50W Halogen)

Size head (excl. stand adapter): 10 cm / 3.9 in Ø 10.3 cm / 4.0 in length

Weight head (excl. stand adapter): 0.7 kg / 1.5 lbs

Cable length: 2 m. / 6.56 ft.


Additional information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 8.9 × 8.4 × 5.5 in