Op/Tech Rainsleeve


This lightweight rainsleeve is ideal to have in your camera bag for emergencies. The simple plastic and drawstring design is an easy and economical way to protect your camera gear from inclement weather while still allowing camera and lens controls to be visible and operable. Includes two per package.


Unique eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders for viewing through the lens so you are not trying to look through the plastic cover. There are two types: the Original version, which fits any camera/lens configuration up to 7″ (17,8 cm) in diameter and up to 18″ (45,7 cm) long, and the Flash version which can accommodate the same camera/lens combination as the Original but also a shoe-mounted flash (up to approx. 7″ tall x 5″ wide x 4″ deep).

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Original, With Flash

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