Hensel Porty 1200 Lithium Kit


The Hensel Porty 1200 Lithium kit is the perfect battery powered location kit for portrait, fashion and sports photography. Its powerful enough “overpower” the sun allowing you to capture amazing shots in full sun and with its fast recycling and short flash duration you now will have the tools to photograph even the most challenging of moving subjects. An AC adapter is also available to run the porty1200 as a studio strobe when access to AC is available.
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 This kit includes:

1x Porty L 1200 battery flash generator

1x EH Pro Mini 1200 P flash head

1x Quick charger for Porty L

1x 7“ reflector

1x Aluminium stand III

1x Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitter

1x Softbag VII De Luxe roller bag

Technical information:

Output: 1200 J

Guide # 100 ASA t 1/60 : 1 m f/128 , 2 m f/64

Flash Duration: time, t 0.5s, 8.0 output 1/2380 sec.

Flash Duration: time, t 0.1s, 8.0 output 1/970 sec.

Flash Duration: time, t 0.5s, 10.0 output 1/970 sec.

Flash Duration: time, t 0.1s, 10.0 output 1/290 sec.

Number full power flashes per battery charge: 210

Power adjustments: 7 Stops

Recycle time at 100% output: 2.1 sec.

Modeling light: 60 watt

Battery charging time: 2h for 100%, 45min. for 80%

Weight including battery: 5.9Kg

Additional information

Weight 18.15 lbs
Dimensions 14.9 × 12 × 12 in