Hensel Beauty Dish Kit with 7” Grid and Transport bag


One of the more popular light shaping tools – the Hensel White Beauty Dish creates a natural and striking light, making it ideal for portrait, fashion and beauty photography. A Beauty Dish creates a round, natural, catch light in the eye, ideal for portraits and with addition of the accessories you can completely change the quality and look of the light. Optional accessories include front and inner honeycomb grids as well as diffusers, allowing you to control or soften the light quality. The center deflector can be replaced by a 7“metal honeycomb grid, making the center more concentrated. The front of the Hensel Beauty dish is designed to accommodate a 22” honeycomb grid, this controls the spread of light and makes it more targeted.  Combining accessories, also changes the quality of light produced and creates multiple effects.

Lightweight yet sturdy enough for outdoor use, the Beauty Dish is great alternative to shooting with a softbox outside for a few reasons; there is less surface area to be caught by the wind, and it has none of the assembly work that is required for softboxes so it is ready to go as soon as you arrive at the shoot.






ACW Beauty Dish + deflector = soft light with wide angle of dispersion

ACW Beauty Dish + deflector + 22” honeycomb = accentuated, targeted light with narrow diffusion angle and soft gradation out towards the edges

ACW Beauty Dish + 7” honeycomb = clearly accentuated, targeted light in the middle and clear flow out towards the edges

ACW + 7” honeycomb + 22” honeycomb = clearly accentuated, targeted light in the middle and extreme flow out towards the edges

Optional accessories:

Colour filters can be used in the 7” filter holder included.

Four different 7” honeycomb grids available.

Two different 22” honeycomb grids available.


Interior: White

Length: 15 cm

Diameter: 56 cm

Compatible with: Expert D, Integra Plus, Integra Mini, Speed Max, EH (Pro) Mini, EH Pro, C-Light 1000, C-Light D, Expert/Integra Pro (Plus), eFlash, Contra.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 9.7 in