Fujinon GF 80mm f/1.7R WR

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As the world’s brightest (as of January 27, 2021) autofocus lens for medium or large format mirrorless digital cameras, GF 80mmF1.7 R WR offers limitless creative options to make large format image-making more flexible than ever before. Create pin-sharp images in stunning high detail and have the confidence to produce incredible results every time, even when the depth-of-field is shallow and the light levels are low.


The GF 80mmF1.7 R WR has a standard focal length of 80mm (a 35mm equivalent of 63mm). It is a large-diameter autofocus (AF) prime lens, featuring a maximum aperture of F1.7, which also makes it the fastest lens among Fujifilm’s G Mount lenses.

Portrait photographers using GFX System cameras can now choose FUJINON GF110mmF2 R WR for when they want images with a tighter angle of view or pick GF80mmF1.7 for when they want something slightly wider. This choice will certainly give photographers more options creatively, especially since the highly anticipated bokeh produced from GF 80mmm F1.7’s wide aperture is sure to provide an incredible aesthetic quality to any image.

Read: Full Specifications (on Fujifilm’s website)

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