Chimera 2330 Profoto – Polycarbonate Strobe Speedring


Chimera Polycarbonate Strobe Speed Rings offer a great budget-friendly option for mounting lightbanks to your studio strobe. With a matte black polycarbonate outer frame, these speed rings have four pole sockets to support Chimera’s rectangular lightbanks. The outer frame smoothly rotates 360 degrees independent of the light-specific metal insert, giving you many options for lightbank placement.


Key Features

Durable black polycarbonate outer housing

Lightbank mount rotates for specific lightbank placement

Durable metal insert for specific strobe systems

Five-year warranty against defects


Polycarbonate Speed Ring to fit Profoto Pro, Acute/D4, D1, B1, and B2**

Insert Adjustment Hex Tool

Supported Lightbanks

Super Pro X

Super Pro X Strip

Super Pro Shallow

Pro II

Pro II Strip

Standard Lantern

Pancake Lantern

Mini and Maxi

Video Pro Plus*

*Requires 1/2 inch longer poles for proper fit.

**Part number 2330 not safe or use with ProTungsten or ProDaylight continuous lights, Chimera Part Number 2330AL, 2330OP, or 2330QR advised.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 6.5 × 3 in