Broncolor Para 133


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Special Order Item


The little giant. The big brother of the Para 88 and new member in the Para family is the Para 133. With his bigger size, you can get more 3D light. It has a new focusing system, which is lighter and more compact to transport. You can go on location with a Para, and you have every light shaper with you. You can focus to get a big amount of light, you can defocus to get a nice 3D light,or  you can soften the light with the different diffusors or control the angle with the honeycomb grid. Para is one light shaper with unlimited options.

A Para never ceases to impress! There is no other light that gives bodies, faces and products that much volume and plasticity. No other light is so soft and yet allows skin to glow so wonderfully naturally. The Broncolor Paras are the most flexible lighting system ever! Whether as a powerful spot, a soft cloud of light, fitted with diffusers or honeycomb grids, or used with flash or continuous light, you get exactly the light you want. Always. Everywhere.

Additional information

Weight 23.125 lbs
Dimensions 42.125 × 16.25 × 10.75 in