$200 Pre-Order Deposit


Please do not complete a deposit without first checking with Beau Photo staff to ensure you are able to get the item you are leaving a deposit for.

Please ensure that you specify exactly which item you are leaving a deposit for in the ORDER NOTES, including details of which variant if there are more than one. For example, you might say “Nikon Z 6 II – Kit” to differentiate from just a Z 6 II body.

Please choose the “LOCAL PICKUP / USE YOUR OWN COURIER” option when specifying shipping options, to ensure you are not charged shipping for the deposit amount.


Please note that deposits for pre-orders or special order items are generally considered to be non-refundable. Contact us if you have questions about this and would like to clarify your cancellation options.

Also note that a deposit is NOT a surcharge. The $200 will be deducted from the total invoice amount of the item you are leaving the deposit for.

If we have any questions about your deposit, we will be in contact with you before completing the charge as well.

Additional information

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