Moss Tree ©K. Kinakin


An exhibition that takes a closer look at what’s around us and what’s important to us in these precarious times.

Photo Walk – Saturday April 2nd

Exhibition – April 21st to May 26th
Beau Photo Gallery Space

During these last two years, we have become very familiar with our immediate surroundings, and with having to stay put and make our circle of contacts smaller. This has caused many of us to think deeply about what’s important, and what and who we’d like to keep close. It’s also given us a lot of time to look more closely at our surroundings and appreciate the details and different points of view.

About the Photo Walk and Exhibition
The photo walk gave participants an opportunity to explore a new area and meet and have good conversations with other photographers. There was a film group and a digital group who went out in different directions investigating and photographing details of interest along the way. Each person chose what Closer means to them, and submitted an image for the exhibition. Even being able to have  everyone participating together brings us all closer, and the images reflect a range of observations and feelings.

The exhibition will be on view in the Beau Photo gallery space from April 24 to May 26, 2022.

If you were unable to be on the walk in person, you can still participate!

We want to see your images of the people or things you are close to! Participate by taking photos while keeping the theme “Closer” in mind. Select one or two of your best and post them to Instagram, then follow along and see what others are showing. Tag us and use this hashtag to make sure they appear with images from other wanderers – #beaucloser2022

Closer Virtual Gallery

Jim Sollows image

Jim Sollows

doug brons image

Doug Brons

Bart Vulliamy

Bart Vulliamy

Steve Bueckert photo

Steve Bueckert

Sahara image


Pratibha Dixit photo

Pratibha Dixit

clive camm photo

Clive Camm

colin cameron photo

Colin Cameron

Bruce Irschick photo

Bruce Irschick

Carol How photo

Carol How

Justin Trueman photo

Justin Trueman

naomi do copy

Naomi Do

Deanna Flinn photo

Deanna Flinn

Catherine photo

Catherine Salinas

David FitzGerald photo

David FitzGerald

Mai-Li Michon photo

Mai-Li Michon

Craig Sheppard photo

Craig Sheppard

Bob St-Cyr photo

Bob St-Cyr

Mike Mander

Nicole and Kathy

Nicole and Kathy

Philipp Bernhardt photo

Philipp Bernhardt

ILFORD generously donated a roll of film for each participant in the film walk! As well, ILFORD donated a pack of 11×17 Galerie Premium Lustre inkjet paper to print the exhibition on. Digital walk participants selected a lens from our rental department cabinets to try out. Rocket Repro generously offered to process all of the film for the film walk participants! Thanks to Rocket for continuing to support film photographers in Vancouver (they do digital too!).

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