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An exhibition about things of importance in our lives
captured on instant film.

fujifilm instant photo for exhibition

Exhibition June 12 - 24 at the Rivian Vancouver Space. Opening reception June 12, 6:30pm

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Even the smallest things can be BIG if the situation is right. A seemingly small success might have a big impact, an everyday object can carry a big meaning, or a little internal voice could translate into a monumental experience. It is important for us to celebrate the big things, and notice and cherish the small things with big potential.

Capturing a big thing on instant film can elevate its importance by the singular, unique nature of an instant film image. No two are alike, each is a tangible object you can hold in your hand or tuck away in a pocket for safekeeping and future viewing. Instant images can be shared with friends and traded. This exhibition is a celebration of things that are BIG for each of us that we want to share with everyone.

Call for Submissions

We want to see what’s BIG for you. Even the smallest things can be BIG if the situation is right. Get out there and capture your BIG images on instant film. Bring them to Beau and we’ll hang them in the Rivian Vancouver Space with everyone’s BIG images.

Submissions must be received at Beau Photo
by June 8th to be included in the show.

Come by Beau to borrow a loaner camera, pick up some film, and capture your BIG!
If cost is a barrier to entry, there is some funding for an opportunity to participate. Please contact us at for info.

Join us for the opening event on June 12 from 6:30 – 8 at the Rivian Vancouver Space in Brentwood Mall. There will be a photo booth, Polaroid transfer demos and more. Prizes will be awarded for viewers favourite, staff picks and other categories to be announced.

fujifilm instant photo for exhibition

Submission rules and criteria:
• Images must be on instant film. Any instant film format is allowed. Images can be taken digitally and then printed on a printer such as the Fujifilm Instax Share printer.
• Submit up to 6 images
• Images will be hanging in a public place, please select subject matter accordingly. We reserve the right to edit submissions as we find necessary
• We do our best to care for your images as if they were our own, but don’t have control of the exhibition space at all times. Images are submitted with this risk in mind.
• We are not responsible for any images not picked up within 3 months after the exhibition closes. If you live out of town and would like your images mailed, please include a self addressed envelope with sufficient postage and we will mail them to you.
• There is no entry fee to submit your images!

Please call us or e-mail for more information.