Ordering Renaissance Albums

Placing an Order for Custom Albums

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1 ) Request a Purchase Order number (PO) by completing the online form below and receive a PO number in a few seconds via email.

Step 2) With your PO number, go to the Renaissance Albums website and log in: www.renaissancealbums.com

Step 3) When logged in at Renaissancealbums.com, select ‘Order Submit’ and choose from ROES Software or Direct FTP.

A reminder: Before uploading your files please make sure to reference the PO number. The unique number will be emailed to you after completing the online form. The PO number will be used to track your order; it will also be used to delay payment until the order arrives in Canada, allowing you to pay in Canadian Dollars via Beau Photo Supplies Inc.

If using the Roes software, select ‘Credit Card on File’ and complete the PO number field.

Your order confirmation will arrive within 2 working days.  If it does not, please contact Beau Photo for assistance.

New Clients

Renaissance Albums are available wholesale to professional photographers. We have sample albums available for you to borrow and show clients. As well, Renaissance offers studio sample albums at 50% off so you can show your clients your own photography and album designs. Please take a moment to fill out our new client questionnaire! This is a required first step in setting up an account with Beau Photo Supplies. After we process this questionnaire, you will receive an e-mail explaining what else needs to be done to setup your account.