Profoto OCF Colour Correction Gel Pack


The OCF Color Correction Gel Pack includes 20 color gels in orange, blue and green for balancing flash light with ambient light including some fluorescent lighting.

Important Notice:

OCF Gels may only be used with Profoto Off-Camera Flashes) that have LED modeling lights (B1 & B2. They may not be used with standard heads or monolights. Gel packs require an OCF Color Gel Starter Kit.



Balance color temperature.

Choose from twenty color correction gels.

Pre-cut and labeled for fast and easy use.

Can be used together with any OCF Light Shaping Tools.

Kit includes:

1 x Gel wallet

3 x Full CTO

3 x Half CTO

3 x Quarter CTO

2 x Eighth CTO

1 x Half CTB

1 x Quarter CTB

1 x Eighth CTB

2 x Plus Green

2 x Half Plus Green

2 x Quarter Plus Green

Additional information

Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 5.4 × 5.3 × 1.1 in