Pinhole Camera Making Workshop


Pinhole Camera Making Workshop
February 11th, 2023

Register here for your spot in the pinhole camera workshop. Just purchase this item through our online store and we will put you on our workshop list. Select local pickup during checkout so you aren’t charged shipping.

Update: Sorry, the workshop is now sold out. We will be having another one in the summer, along with some other exciting alternative process workshops. Watch our social media to make sure you see the announcements as soon as they come out.

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We are giving a workshop in pinhole camera making on February 11th that will inspire you to submit an image to our upcoming exhibition. The workshop will cover the basic principles of pinhole cameras, and how to develop photographic paper. You will build your own pinhole camera and then we’ll go out and make some exposures and develop the paper negatives. Each participant should be able to create 2 or 3 images during the workshop, and will go home with the skills to continue taking pinhole photos, as well as a paper developing kit that will process several more photos.

There will be a fee of $10 for this workshop to cover the materials. All supplies are provided except the container you would like to make a camera out of.

There is a limit of 10 participants so register early! If you have any questions about the workshop, please call us or e-mail

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