OneSec Flux Series 320T Color Negative Film, 35mm, 36 Exp.


  • ISO 320 tungsten balanced color negative film
  • 35mm / 36exp.
  • Cinematic finish looks
  • Safe for C-41 processing at photo labs or at home (Remjet backing free)
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Halation can occur at in-focus, overexposed highlights
  • Can be push-processed up to 3 stops
  • Factory spooled, DX-coded cassettes

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ISO 320T
35mm Format

Storage and handling: Load and unload film in subdued light. Store unexposed film in a refrigerator at 5°C (41°F) or lower in sealed bag. To avoid moisture condensation on film that has been refrigerated, allow the film to warm up to room temperature before opening the package. Process film as soon as possible after exposure. Protect processed film from strong light, and store it in a cool, dry place. Occasionally, depending on humidity, film advance speed, and camera materials, static discharge may also occur on the films without Remjet layer.

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