Loupedeck+ Editing Console


Intuitive design and tactile controls bring a natural feel to photo and video editing. Loupedeck+ is an ergonomic, easy-to-use console for beginners and pros. Edit your photos in Lightroom with tactile, mechanical dials and buttons and experience a whole new, smoother way of working with your images! It also supports other programs like Capture One Pro.

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Stay focused on your creative vision: Your hands, and creativity align for seamless editing harmony. Loupedeck+ is a valuable console for photo and video editing professionals and beginners. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface enhance your editing quality and increase output, making achieving the perfect edit easy.

Native compatibility & Deep Integration: Experience a variety of deep, native integrations to leading creative software and unlock time-saving features.

Precision Editing & Tactile Controls: Quickly navigate your timeline, apply precise incremental adjustments to clarity, exposure, and more with tactile dials.

Easy to use with Default Layouts: Start editing right away with no learning curve using default layouts specifically designed for each software.

Full-Screen Mode: Editing in full-screen mode makes retouching, grading, and fine-tuning your photos and videos easy.

Full Color Control: Get full control over your colors and make precise adjustments without ever opening a menu or panel.

Lightroom Presets: Loupedeck+ has 8 dedicated round buttons for your favorite Lightroom presets. Assign up to 16 presets and apply edits instantly with a press of a button.

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Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 18.1 × 8.2 × 2 in


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