Lomo Colour Negative ISO 800


400 ISO still not fast enough? Use Lomography Color Negative 800 film for fantastic results under all lighting conditions.

Sold as individual rolls.


Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects and low lights call for a fast film but the last thing you want is to sacrifice your Lomographic colors and effects for a little extra speed. To all of you plastic and multi-lensers, dusk-til-dawners and hi-speed Lomographers—we’ve got you covered with Lomography Color Negative 800 film! It guarantees amazing results even in low-lighting situations.

DX Code: NO

Development: C41

Additional information

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 2.35 × 1.55 × 1.4 in
Film Format

35mm – 36 exp., 120